Roosi farmstead is a cozy home for a big family and a fast-developing lamb raising farm. We are situated on the island of Saaremaa, in Kärla parish, Kandla village, and are known for being organic in everything we do. Our main herd consists of meat muttons and Gotland fur sheep. Roosi farmstead is an inspiring and calming environment where great ideas come to life. We started in 2004 with 25 sheep. Today we cultivate over 550 hectares of land.


We have rebuilt the former Sauvere kolkhoz milk farm and made some extensions with polytunnel barns made in England. The farm holds 5000 m² space covered by roof for both cattle and storing the feed. Midsummer fields give delight with delicious organic strawberries and all sorts of vegetables can be found in the gardens already in spring. Sea buckthorn plantation fills the freezer with fresh vitamins and the pantry with syrup. People and animals alike enjoy their time in Roosi farm.